Team up with Club Members to share the impact of the Club with the community at our 


Here are a few FAQ's that will help you prepare: 


Q: What exactly is my role in being a mentor for the telethon?

A: Your goal will be to partner up with a club member (pre-assigned) and assist them in making calls to share the story of the club with potential supporters of the club. You and your mentee will be a team with a goal to gain as many supporters as you can for the club. Winning teams will win prizes. 


Q: Where will the Telethon be held? 

A: The telethon will be held at our Nelson Club location. The club is located within Nelson Elementary and our entrance is located off of Eighth Street (The North East Side of the Building). The easiest way to get to the club is to come via Seaway Drive. From Seaway Drive you will take Southern Avenue headed east. Off of Southern head North on Eighth Street. On the corner of Grand and Eighth Street you will see Nelson School. Do not turn on Grand street, remain on eighth street. Off of Eighth Street you will see the Boys & Girls Club sign, parking lot and entrance. If you have any trouble finding the location please give us a call at 231-375-5576


Q: Will we be using our personal phones?

A: Yes and No. It is your choice. If you wish to use your own phone to contact personal contacts that is fine. If you would like to use our phones to call individuals from our call list or your personal contacts that is also fine. Phones will be available for you at the telethon. 


Q: Will there be any food or beverage at the telethon?

A: Yes, there will be light snacks and beverage. We recommend if you are hungry eating before you arrive. 


Q: Will there be a script to read from while making these calls?

A: Yes, a script will be provided for you. You may alter the script to fit your or your mentee's personal styles. 


Q: Will the telethon start directly at 4:30pm?

A: Yes, mentees will be ready to meet with you at 4:30pm. Following the introduction of mentor to mentee there will be a briefing. We anticipate calling to begin promptly at 5pm.