To inspire and enable all youth, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive and caring citizens.




To be the beacon of hope & light to over 1,000 youth, each day. Through teamwork, dedicated staff and volunteers cultivate a “Culture of Cool” by offering age appropriate and dynamic programming, easily accessible to any youth, ages 6-18 within the Muskegon County area. Supported by sustained funding The Boys & Girls Club will be the premier youth serving organization. 


Vision of Our Environment: A well-educated, highly functional and engaged community

Vision of Our Systems and Competencies: The leader of youth development in Muskegon County.

Vision of Organizational Effectiveness: Build an outcome driven club experience, using data to guide decisions. 

Vision of Community Perception: A leader in marketing that reinforces the Boys and Girls Club as the premier youth serving organization, by sharing outcome driven messages. 

Vision for Capacity to Impact: Create, execute and sustain programs that address always changing community needs. 




Inclusion – We value the range of different backgrounds people bring to their work, appreciate how those backgrounds make us better at what we do.

Collaboration - We work effectively within and across teams, with engaged people to accomplish our goals; we celebrate success together.

Accountable – We do what we say and hold each other to the highest standards; we are good stewards of all our resources. 

Integrity – We are honest and transparent in what we do and say; we are committed to doing the right thing. 

Respect - We affirm the dignity; we respect & embrace contributions of others




A Boys & Girls Club provides:

A safe place to learn and grow...

Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals...

Life enhancing programs and character development experiences...