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Great Futures 2025 is the strategic plan for the Boys & Girls Club Movement that will enable our collective success through 2025. Building upon the Great Futures Impact Plan, which concludes in 2017, Great Futures 2025 provides a strategic direction that aligns our priorities as a Movement around a shared purpose and goal, while enabling Club organizations to directly meet the needs of the youth they serve within the model best suited for their communities. 

Great Futures 2025 is centered on fulfilling this purpose: to inspire and empower Club youth to achieve success and champion opportunities for all young people in America. 

It will be implemented through four strategic priorities, which provide direction to our actions and ensure our efforts fulfill our stated purpose:

  • Increase Program Quality
  • Strengthen Organizations
  • Advocate for Youth Development 
  • Reach More Youth

The plan's goal is focused on delivering increased outcomes for America's youth - more specifically, to increase the collective percentage of Club members reporting an optimal Club Experience to 75% by 2025.


What is a high-quality Club Experience?

The Club Experience is a BGCA-branded term that refers to everything Clubs provide to young people. Through research and analysis, we've determined that a high-quality Club Experience is one in which members feel physically and emotionally safe, receive support and recognition from caring adults who set expectations for them, are provided opportunities to try new things, have fun, and feel a sense of belonging.

Why is the Club Experience important?

BGCA's research and analysis have shown that children and teens who have a high-quality Club experience achieve stronger outcomes. Members who report having the highest-quality experience benefit more and are better equipped to thrive. Conversely, if members report that their Club Experience is inadequate, those youth are less likely to return to the Club, which puts them at risk for dangerous behaviors during out-of-school time. It is our goal that every young person who enters a Club has the highest-quality Club Experience possible.